How to Add Volume to Dull or Flat Hair

Whether it’s the summer humidity or just genetics, flat hair can put a damper on your style. Here, you’ll find tips on how to add volume to your hair.
2.5 minute read

Sometimes bigger is better. If your hair is feeling a little lackluster, we have some advice to get it feeling full, bouncy, and bountiful in no time. You can use all of these tips together or pick and choose what works for you. Whether your hair woke up on the wrong side of the bed today or your hair is naturally volume-challenged, we’ve got easy solutions.

Tip #1: Start in the shower.

The best way to pump up volume in dull hair is to start with products specifically designed to add fullness. You can find a wide range of eco-friendly and vegan products to make your hair appear taller and thicker. Try our Spring & Vine Grapefruit & Rosemary Volumizing Shampoo Bar, which uses natural ingredients and energizing scents to help perk up your hair and senses.

Tip #2: Blow-dry upside down.

This tried-and-true technique is one of our favorites. You don’t need to buy any new products and it’s as easy as flipping your head upside down. It works by lifting your roots from your scalp with the airflow instead of flattening them down on your head while you dry. Keep going until the hair near your scalp is dry, and then you can flip the rest of your hair back over and finish. (If you feel comfortable with styling tools, you can get the same results by using a round, wide-barreled brush to lift your hair from your scalp while you dry.)

Tip #3: Change your brush style.

An easy, cost-free and natural way to add a boost to your hair is to change up the way you brush. If you usually part on one side of your head, you can add volume by parting your hair on the other side. And for a dramatic lift to extra-flat hair, try gentle teasing or back-brushing:

  • Pull up the top layer of your hair so you can access the hair underneath.

  • Using a wide-combed brush, gently brush the hair near your roots toward your scalp.

  • Brush 3-5 times, depending on how thick your hair is and how much volume you want.

  • Release your hair and gently finger-comb.

  • Make sure to thoroughly brush out your hair before bed so you don’t get difficult knots.

Tip #4: Pump it up with dry shampoo.

Dry shampoo doesn’t only extend the days you can go without a hair wash, it’s also great for adding volume to flat hair. On fresh, newly shampooed hair, try adding a little dry shampoo to your roots and gently massaging it in. The powder will help keep your hair from sticking to your scalp to give you that natural lift.

No matter your hair type, a little bouncy volume can take your hair to the next level. With these hints and tips, you can embrace your hair’s natural energy without adding unnecessary time or products to your routine.