The Benefits of Tea Tree Oil for Scalp

Tea tree oil benefits for scalp and hair. Spring & Vine provides soothing shampoo bar ingredients like tea tree oil to nourish hair and keep it looking great.
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If you have a dry scalp or find yourself scratching your scalp more frequently because of dandruff or another skin condition, adding moisture-boosting products to your haircare routine can help.

Many shampoos and conditioners contain tea tree oil which can alleviate many common hair issues. Learn more about how this natural extract added to many shampoos and conditioners benefits hair and scalp.

Soothes Scalp Itch

Tea tree oil has the ability to soothe.  A formula with tea tree oil in it can make a world of difference if you commonly have an itchy scalp, leaving it feeling clean and healthy.

Boosts Moisture

Using natural oils and butters in your haircare routine introduces rich moisture. You can count on our tea tree oil formula as a helpful addition because it helps reduce dryness and keeps your scalp more hydrated.

No matter if your hair type tends to make dryness an ongoing issue or using something like heat tools removes moisture from your hair, using tea tree oil can help!

Improves Blood Flow to Scalp

If hair growth is a goal of yours, healthy hair follicles should be a top priority. Improving your scalp’s circulation will improve your follicle hair and encourage hair growth.  Go ahead, give your scalp a massage and let tea tree oil play a part.

Encourages Stronger Hair to Grow

Healthy hair follicles not only assist with hair growth, but the hair that grows will likely be stronger because it’s well taken care of and hydrated.

Haircare products are good to include in your hair care routine to not only keep hair looking great, but also to encourage it to be stronger. A cleaner, healthier scalp yield healthy hair!

Removes Debris That Can Clog Follicles

Inflammation from scratching an itchy scalp, or skin conditions like dandruff or product buildup, can be especially irritating and lead to clogged hair follicles. 

Cleansing products that have tea tree oil remove product buildup, debris, and skin cells that may have built up and led to clogged follicles. With regular use, you will see fewer problems like irritated scalp and clogged follicles, but also regular cleansing with this hydrating ingredient can prevent them from coming back.

Check out the cool, cleansing formula in our Scalp Soothing Tea Tree & Mint Shampoo Bar to boost your hair’s moisture while using a socially responsible shampoo bar in your haircare routine.