Spring & Vine x Hill Country Homestead

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We partnered with Jessica May, a mom of seven in Texas, who needs a shampoo that fits in with her active and busy lifestyle. She’s as passionate about sustainable living as she is about having fun with her family in the outdoors, so she’s got a great take on what it’s like switching to and traveling with shampoo bars. You can read her extended thoughts here.

Why she made the switch

“I love using environmentally safe beauty products because when we camp or hike I love to be able to wash up in the natural lakes or rivers along the way. In the summer we usually wash the kids right here on the riverbank in the evenings to save time and keep life simple. I want to know that the products we use aren’t hurting the environment we are using them in. The same is true about products that wash down the bathroom sink. It ends up back in the earth eventually.”

Why clean hair care is important to her

“If every person challenged themselves to replace one product in their bathroom with an eco-friendly and sustainable option the world truly would be a better place. Let’s say we begin with clean, responsible hair care. Our scalps have an increased absorption rate than the rest of our body so it seems like the most reasonable place to start.”

Her overall takeaway

Small changes make a big difference. I'm always thrilled when I find new and responsible products to replace outdated ones. Education is so important in our ever-changing society and new warning labels and updated studies are coming out on cosmetics and beauty products all the time. Sticking with brands that produce environmentally friendly products is the way of the future.

We hope Jessica’s experience helps you make informed decisions about your own hair care! For more tips and tricks on transitioning to a shampoo bar, or for more experiences from real women, head over here.