What Makes a Hair Product Sustainable?

Learn how Spring & Vine creates sustainable shampoo bars that keep hair clean with socially responsible ingredients and packaging that doesn't harm the environment.
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More people are becoming aware of how their daily habits impact the environment. This is becoming the case in all areas of life, including in how their haircare routine and the products they use affect the planet.

The word “sustainable” is thrown around a lot and generally refers to a product that has a lower impact on the environment. Sustainable hair products, for instance, may have some shared characteristics that allow for the manufacturers to change the formulas or packaging used to create them.

Check out what traits to look for when you’re considering whether or not a hair product you want to use is sustainable.

Recyclable Packaging

Sustainable hair products contain less plastic packaging. They often have recyclable packaging or use packaging that breaks down easily such as paper. Using these products means you are putting less waste in landfills which is not only socially responsible, but shows that you’re environmentally conscious.

Low to Zero Waste

Besides the packaging, sustainable products are often created in a way that lowers their waste. Shampoo bars, for instance, use concentrated ingredients so they not only last longer, but you can use every bit of it. Nothing sits in the bottom of an empty bottle!

Safe Ingredients

Sustainable hair products contain ingredients you can trust that are safe and effective for keeping hair clean while locking in moisture.

Our sustainable hair products are kind to hair and don’t strip out natural oils that cause common hair problems.

Uses Less Water

Between production and use, many sustainable products use less water overall. Using shampoo bars as an example again, it takes little water to create them and they quickly lather under water, which means you can enjoy a deep clean without the guilt of using a lot of water.

Smaller Carbon Footprint

When you combine using less water, using better packaging, and using better ingredients that don’t harm people or the environment, the impact to the carbon output is magnified. Sustainable products are an attractive option if carbon production is a chief concern of yours.

Cruelty-Free or Vegan

Sustainable products are not tested on animals and often do not contain animal products in them, instead using more ingredients such as oils and butters that come from plants. In this way they don’t contribute to the harming of animals. We are certified by PETA as cruelty free and vegan!

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